Prompt Me 3: Thriving

by mizalisonclare

So today is the day when our new Prompt Me videos go live. Between me starting a new job, and Christmas, this has taken a little longer than it usually would. I actually recorded this video on 15.12.2013. I was going to re-record it today but when I watched it I felt that the vulnerability and nerves and unguarded honesty is what makes Prompt Me good, so I figured I would stick with it. This video is basically a tribute to the gorgeous people who have supported me, but it is too short to really thank everyone.

Mum, Dad, Ceri, Claire Barlow, Jemma Barka, Clare Campbell, Elloa Atkinson, Jacquie & Chase Johnston-Lynch, Carla Hennessey, Billy & Mandi RIley, Kim Eaton, Mich, Yvonne Thwaite, Alison Havery, Alex Kershaw, Alex Dale, Sue Gillies, Sue Scullion, Shona Carmen Paisley, Raddy, Simon Dunwoodie, Terry McCoy, Hema Patel, Rhys Owens, Clare Donnelly, Ali Hodson, Linda Lewis, Kitty McRobert, Kate Russell, James West, Rebecca Odman Stonehouse, Emma Craven, Sara, Julia D’Arcy, Sian Witheridge, Karen, Stu Robinson, Maria Gornell, Cheryl Kirk, David Ryan, Jade Kenny, Catherine Mather.